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My name is Chris and I’m excited about the Bible. In fact, I believe that this book is not just the most important, but also the most beautiful and fascinating book in the world. It’s a masterpiece full of really amazing and deeply relevant treasures just waiting to be discovered! If you want to take your Bible study experience to the next level and learn how you can discover the fascinating beauty and depth of scripture for yourself, check out these free resources:



You want to know why I consider the Bible to be the most beautiful and fascinating book in the world and get an idea of the kinds of things you can discover in this masterpiece once you take a closer look? In my blogposts I share discoveries from my own Bible study. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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You’d like to learn how to dig deeper when you study the Bible and discover really fascinating things that are also super revelant for your life? In my reading guide I show you step by step how to do just that – including exercises at the end of each unit designed to help you try out and apply what you’ve learned.


You’re looking for simple, practical tips and ideas that will help you study the Bible in a deeper way? Take a look at my videos. All videos are also available on my YouTube Channel Masterpiece Bible. Check it out and subscribe!

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You’re interested in systematically studying through a biblical book by yourself or with a group and would like to go beyond just scratching the surface? Check out these study guides with questions and helpful infos on each episode in the book of Genesis. Discover how beautiful and fascinating the first book of the Bible really is!